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Welcome to Union Combat Academy, the best mixed martial arts school and Shootboxing Academy in Arizona. Take a look around our site to learn about our selection of courses, team members, class schedule, important news and updates and much more.

ShootBoxing Academy? Yes, ShootBoxing was started In 1985 by Caesar Takeshi, a Japanese Kickboxer who was also fascinated with Catch Wrestling & Muay Thai, founded the Shootboxing organization.  Shootboxing is closely related to Kickboxing in the sense that both are loosely tied to Muay Thai with a grappling sense and feel to it. ShootBoxing, along with Pankration, are the first mixed art styles before there was MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We (Union Combat) chose this style as our label to what we teach, being that our head instructor (Coach Sean) started his combat career in Karate, Kickboxing & Muay Thai, and later got into Catch Wrestling, Judo & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

We are committed to teaching in a way that not only fit every skill level and background, but our innovative teaching approach helps you grow into a new you, no matter what the style is, we are focused on you. See below for a full bio of all the courses we provide.


Boxing Course

We offer this course as an introductory to our striking fundamentals, boxing provides a unique and fun experience to begin your learning in the arts.